Call For Testing: pm-utils-powersave-policy

Chase Douglas chase.douglas at
Fri Mar 19 13:38:32 GMT 2010

On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 10:58 PM, Michael Larabel
<michael.larabel at> wrote:
> Chase,
> I ran through some power tests today with a Core 2 Duo notebook and an Atom
> netbook using clean installations of Ubuntu 9.10, Ubuntu 10.04 daily, and
> Ubuntu 10.04 daily + the updated pm-utils and pm-utils-powersave-policy
> packages. I found some areas with your packages are saving 200~300
> Milliwats, but still in some tests this puts the overall power consumption
> behind Karmic.
> I have published results @
> Let me know if you have any questions or would be interested in any other
> tests.

Hi Michael,

Thanks a ton for looking into this and even writing about it!
Unfortunately, I wasn't exactly clear in my first post about the
nature of this testing. These new scripts that I'm working on are part
of a new package for Lucid, but my additions are not going into Lucid.
This work is being done now because we ran out of time for it in
Lucid. Hence, we're trying to get a head start on it for L+1.

The scripts are also in a real development phase right now, and, as
has been noted elsewhere in the thread, if any of them die further
scripts will be prevented from running. At this point I'm still
working out the kinks, so the results aren't really valid yet for
real-world testing.

Lastly, I don't think there's anything new here for Lucid. We are
merely transitioning power saving functionality from the
laptop-mode-tools scripts to the pm-utils scripts. The goal is really
to simplify power management in Ubuntu by converging on one package,
not really to make breakthroughs in efficiency yet.

I'm really sorry for the confusion this caused. Would it be possible
for this to be made clear in the article you published? Feel free to
blame me 100 times for the mixup!


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