Removing computer-janitor from default install?

Aaron soulblade at
Sat Mar 13 21:11:24 GMT 2010

On 13/03/10 17:27, Martin Pitt wrote:
> Hello all,
> asks for removing computer-janitor
> from the default installation. I followed up with a particular
> question in the bug, but this seems better to discuss here.
> c-j seems to work quite well for me for the few cases when I've tried
> it, but I don't use a lot of PPAs and third-party repos. How are other
> people's experience? I checked its bug list, and it looks quite
> reasonable (most are UI bugs, nothing scary like "broke my system").
> However, c-j does not have a current maintainer right now, unless it
> got absorbed by the foundation team. So the question whether we should
> keep it in the default installation is legitimate.
> Opinions?
> Thanks, and have a nice weekend,
> Martin
I have found the computer janitor tool to be quite useful when 
un-installing applications (removing the packages that were previously 
installed as a dependency, but are no longer required).

The "apt-get autoremove" command seems to delivery the same 
functionality according to "man apt-get".

Personally, I think we should either keep it in its current state or 
have this functionality implemented in the Software Centre tool. In both 
cases keep it in the default installation.

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