Meeting Minutes from Ubuntu Server Team Meeting

Chuck Short zulcss at
Thu Mar 11 14:54:26 GMT 2010

Action points from previous meetings

Mathiaz to discuss with cjwatson about ubuntu-server upload team, not 
done yet.

Beta1 Status review

BetaFreeze is thursday. Only beta targeted bugs will be accepted which 
doesnt stop you from working on lower priority bugs and waiting for them 
to be queued. This affects several specs such as the 
eucalyptus-merging-and-packaging, since we might want to target several 
bugs to fix. Things for papercuts, bugzapping, puppet-testsuite: fixes 
of lesser importance should be queued for post beta1freeze.

The following bugs are targeted for Beta1:

     * 499389
     * 526480
     * 519513

Weekly Updates & Questions from QA Team

Hggdh still mentioned that the Mysql 5.0 testsuite is still failing to 
build. However, since Mysql 5.0 is going to be removed it should 
probably be removed from the automated testsuite build process. It was 
also noticed that Atlas was being built as well. It was questioned why 
it is being built in the PPA as well. Hggdh will also look at how the 
UEC test rig is run as well.

[ACTION] hggdh to remove mysql5.0 and question atlas in the build 
regression test rig

Weekly Updates & Questions from Kernel Team

Bug #527208 is still outstanding and will not make it for the beta since 
the kernel is closed on monday. For bug #531823 we hope to have a work 
around for Lucid. JJohansen mentioned that we had a late rebasing for 
the EC2 kernel so keep your eyes open for bugs. The vlan-modules udeb 
should be available in beta1 as well.

Euca2ools/Boto 1.9 test coverage

We run our euca2ools with boto 1.9 while upstream tests with boto 1.8 
and we always tend to run the same set of commands. In order to get 
confidence that lesser used commands are working, ttx prepared a 
testcase page coverage at 
When you use the euca2ools commands succesfully please update the page. 
For the more complex commands, the idea is test the optional parameters 
as well, which will take more time. If you find something broken please 
open a bug and let smoser know.

Server Papercuts

Status for beta-1 :

Ttx remarked that 4 bugs out of 14 still open. Please feel free to fix 
what you can especially before BetaFreeze. However there was no 
nominations this week.

[ACTION] ttx to blog about the beta-1 campaign so far, to trigger new 

Bugzapping status

Kirkland mentioned the qemu-kvm bugs were cut in half. Ttx said that the 
bug zapping was going on wednesday and bug fixing was going on thursday. 
These are the bugzapping days coming up in the future:

     * Eucalyptus (week after next)
     * Mysql (Week of Apr 1)

Server documentation

Ttx wanted to get an update from asommer about the Ubuntu Server Guide 
documentation however asommer was not available. Ttx noted there was a 
couple of sections out of date and was wondering if help was needed to 
update it.

[ACTION] ttx to bring up status of server doc in an email thread

Weekly SRU Review

Bug #530945 was the only one to bring for an SRU.

Open Discussion

     * zul mentioned that PHP 5.3.1 transition was mostly done.
     * smoser wanted people to test EBS root volume for EC2.

Agree on next meeting date and time

Next meeting will be on Tuesday, March 17th at 15:00 UTC in 

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