Call for help in the mentoring program

Christophe Sauthier (Huats) christophe.sauthier at
Tue Mar 9 16:17:13 GMT 2010

Dear Ubuntu developers,

As you are all aware (or at least I hope so), there is an ongoing
effort to help people who want to start contributing at the Ubuntu
development. The current process of the mentoring is described on

To handle the requests and to do the needed followup, there is a team
called the reception. But to be honest we are not doing a great job
lately. Many reasons can be found, but I think the main one is the
lack of man power, since I am now alone at the reception and that I
have ver little free time to allow to it.
So the choice is quite simple : we are able to build a team and define
new process since the current ones can be really improved (we have
already some leads), or I am afraid that we will have to close the
mentoring program. This is of course a situation that I'd like to

Of course if you don't want to be part of the reception, but are
willing to mentor a new contributor, you are also welcome since we
also lack of mentors to face our current requests.

So please contact me to join and help the future of Ubuntu developers !

All the best,

Christophe Sauthier   -  06 16 98 63 96
Objectif Libre
Services et Formations Open Source

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