kvm-ok: looking for a better home

Dustin Kirkland dustin.kirkland at gmail.com
Mon Mar 8 14:31:57 GMT 2010

On Mon, Mar 8, 2010 at 1:55 AM, Martin Pitt <martin.pitt at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> Dustin Kirkland [2010-03-05 18:26 -0600]:
>> Thus, for Lucid, I'd really like to find a better home for kvm-ok.
> I like linux-tools best; if that's going to land in lucid? procps also
> sounds okay to me.

I was leaning toward procps, as Kees has agreed to take this there.

I suppose I should ask Andy, though, if he's working on linux-tools...
 Andy, what do you think?  Will linux-tools make Lucid?  Will it be
available basically on all Ubuntu desktop and server installs?


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