Role of the Sponsorship Queue

Dmitrijs Ledkovs dmitrij.ledkov at
Thu Mar 4 19:40:11 GMT 2010

I've read the whole thread =) Loads of stuff

We are mixing patch qualification & patch review & patch sponsoring

I think pre-patch review should be done by bugsquad

Patch author uploads patch and subscribes bugsquad (or someone else
for pre-patch review)

Steps for pre-patch review
a) check that problem still exists
b) check that patch or debdiff apply cleanly to latest package
c) check that package builds
d) check that it fixes problem
e) check that patch is sane and is the right-thing-to-do (optional)

If fails on any of these steps -> canned responses & unsubscribe sponsor team
If passes all of these steps -> subscribe sponsor team

Sponsor team - Steps for patch review:
e) check that patch is sane and is the right-thing-to-do
f) any other stuff sponsors do

If fails -> comment & unsubscribe sponsor team & canned response (eg
subscribe sponsors after all issues address or something like that)

If pass -> upload

I've used the new bugs with patches pages on launchpad and after
poking around I've realized there is a big melting pot of good/bad
patches, patches against old versions, patches for no longer existing
bugs. So to help everyone it would be great to work with bugsquad to
storm through the sponsor queue / all patches to at least identify
valid candidates and give a sense of direction for the rest of patch

Now to make this really awesome it would be amazing to use advance
free form build recipes & build latest ubuntu package with this patch
downloaded and applied into my ppa so I can test it ;-)

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