Role of the Sponsorship Queue

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Thu Mar 4 11:15:59 GMT 2010

On 04.03.2010 12:06, Emmet Hikory wrote:
>     I feel very strongly that if the biggest problem we have is that
> there are 2000 patches laying around, then we need to fix that by
> going and dealing with the patches.

lucid-qa-fixing-bugs-with-patches is exactly trying to achieve that.
Based on the reality that we live in today.

> Complicating the process by which
> a patch is reviewed is not the way to make more patches get reviewed.
> Developers asking non-developers to go review patches before
> developers do is likely to just reduce the average quality of response
> to patch submitters : If developers are good at patch review, we're
> removing our best team from the set of reviewers.  If developers
> aren't especially better at review, we're telling everyone else they
> are second class which can't help motivation.  

I'm not sure I understand.

> If 2000 is the correct
> number, then that's only about 15 patches per developer.  If not so
> many developers are active, that's maybe 30.  If everyone reviews one
> patch a day, we'll be done somewhere between a two and six weeks,
> depending on how many of us there are.

By the same logic keeping on top of the sponsoring queue should be a
piece of cake. It just isn't. That's what I mean by "reality".

>     If we're not serious about fixing the problem of unreviewed
> patches by just doing so, then we're not helping either ourselves or
> anyone else by creating an extra process step that creates the
> impression that it's hard to submit patches to ubuntu and filling a
> sponsorship queue with all sorts of stuff so that sponsors can't be
> confident of motivated actice submitters.  I'm not sure how this is an
> improvement of the experience for either group of people, and I'm sure
> it's demotivating for anyone who works on packages for which they
> don't (yet) have upload rights.

lucid-qa-fixing-bugs-with-patches wants to create a way how contributors
who can't upload yet can help out with the process of getting patches
reviewed. I think we desperately need all the help we can get with both
the sponsoring queue and getting the growing list of patches, branches,
etc. screened and properly reviewed afterwards.

Have a great day,

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