Role of the Sponsorship Queue

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Thu Mar 4 08:25:20 GMT 2010

Scott Kitterman [2010-03-03 18:13 -0500]:
> 1. Tag it patch and it goes into the pile of 2,000 undifferienciated
> patches that someone will get today someday. 
> 2. Subscribe the sponsors queue and we expect you're working on
> becoming an Ubuntu developer and to work all the way through to an
> uploadable package. 

That indeed seems to sum it up pretty well.

> Do we really want to cast sponsorship that narrowly? 

I don't think we can solve the manpower problem by calling the process
differently. We'll have 2000 unknown-quality patches either way, after

I think the point is to make the patches from (2) _not_ get lost in
the crowd.


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