Foundations Team Weekly Summary, 2010-03-01

Steve Langasek steve.langasek at
Wed Mar 3 23:50:29 GMT 2010

=== Scott James Remnant ===

 * In bed with Flu monday/tuesday :-(
 * Fixed the rsyslog 100% CPU issue; due to the design of rsyslogd it wasn't possible to have it refuse to drop permissions, instead I had to make it disable the klog plugin if a zero-byte read() returned -EPERM
 * Patched Upstart to mount /proc and /sys itself on boot, solving all the annoying issues where things like mountall and ureadahead need it
 * usb-modeswitch discussion
 * Helping OEM team out with issues related to Plymouth
 * Been working on Plymouth's VT issues, and trying to understand the complex interplay between the X server and Plymouth (which both use KD_GRAPHICS and VT_PROCESS).  I understand now, and it's a SMOP (which I'm going to have to do)

=== Evan Dandrea ===

 * Short week; travel on Monday and Tuesday morning from Pycon.
 * Fixed LP: #527932, #524827, #526581, and some more ubiquity bugs.
 * More work on new installer design automatic partitioner widgets.
 * Moved the slideshow translation code to po4a as html2po is no longer provided in Debian.
 * Changed the packaging of the slideshow so that each installer slideshow package provides ubiquity-slideshow and also conflicts and replaces on it, allowing only one installer slideshow package installed at once.  Moved all slideshow files to /usr/share/ubiquity-slideshow and updated ubiquity to reflect this. This allows derivatives to create their own slideshows without us having to hard code their paths in ubiquity.
 * Updated slideshow translations, pruned a suspicious URL (LP: #528465), released a new slideshow package, and updated all interested parties on the aforementioned changes.

=== Colin Watson ===

 * Another fix for gfxboot handling of Hebrew (#212491).
 * foundations-lucid-gfxboot-update:
  * Merged Cody's language selector for ubiquity-greeter-gtk, and dealt with integration.
 * Switched to automatic LP git import of packages-arch-specific.
 * Did most of the migration to parted 2.1.  One or two pieces remain.
 * Fixed up grub2 integration in memtest86+ (#435153).
 * Fixed desktop icon handling in example-content (#458250).
 * Tackled most of #526422 ("Grub installer asks too many questions to the user", actually a messy image assembly problem).
 * Tried to stop update-notifier from popping up during the live session.  I think I mostly managed it, although Dave Morley still reports some problems.
 * Fixed corrupted text display in d-i (#526391).
 * Various other bits of installer bug firefighting for alpha-3, e.g. migration-assistant ordering (#524993), a regression from the plugin migration (#524169), a crash on non-resizable partitions (#527057), and some KDE frontend fixes (#527457, #527468).
 * TB meeting.
 * Merged: debhelper

=== James Westby ===

==== Distributed Development ====

 * More debugging of failures from the importer. Lots more packages that people care about are now imported.
 * Fixed a couple of bugs in bzr-builddeb.
 * Wrote some specs for LP developers to review concerning bzr-builder recipes that will allow them to implement something good based on them in LP. Positive feedback on my first drafts from them.

==== Other ====

 * Archive admin duty
 * Sponsoring

=== Michael Vogt ===

==== software-center ====
 * review/merge lp:~gary-lasker/software-center/lp496058 (many thanks!)
 * debug/fix aptdaemon backend interaction
 * fix update progress reporting (#514861)
 * setup doc translation infrastrcutre based on po4a (#439353)
 * work on a11y (#526384)
 * ubuntu-sso research
 * add a bunch of rnr-server tests
 * use SlugFields more in rnr-server
 * add test for moderation feature
 * work on package verification in reviews django app
 * add report_abuse code and write tests for it
 * work on moderation code in the rnr-server
 * discuss with nzmm clever ways to overcome the treeview slowness
 * fix crash in AnimatedImage
 * work on lp:~mvo/s-c/fastapp
 * atk.Component stub implementation
 * report-inappropriate client feature
 * make report-abuse work (client + server)

==== update-manager ====
 * automatically create diff on conffile prompt
 * fail the test if conffile prompts are found
 * Work on auto-upgrader tester setup on pommerac
 * fix crash when /home is not present
 * fixes: #463506, #518856, fix in component-inconsitency detection

==== alpha-3 ====
 * Run app-install-data/command-not-found data extraction
 * Command-not-found data update/upload
 * App-install-data update
 * Karmic->lucid manual testing - ask if that can moved to QA, result

==== misc ====
 * Synaptic merges (from jibell)
 * fix backgrounding problem (#486222)

==== sponsoring ====
 * Review ubumirror changes

=== Barry Warsaw ===

This week, after returning from Pycon, I worked on the ratings and reviews Django server for Software Center.  I also worked on PEP 3147 (PYC Repository Directories) which is almost ready for BDFL pronouncement, followed by implementation work.  I also released Python 2.6.5rc1, with a final release slated for March 15.

=== Matthias Klose ===

 * PyCon sprints, will followup later
 * llvm/clang updates, will follow up with upstream updates until the 2.7 release after getting a freeze exception.
 * eglibc, gdb, oprofile, newlib merges
 * GCC update for ARM.

=== Gary Lasker ===

 * Concentrated on bug fixes/bug triage for software-center this week
  * Fixed alpha-3 targeted bugs LP: #496058 and LP: #523420
  * Fixed ten or so other bugs, a couple with many duplicates
 * OEM tasks
 * OEM, Foundations team weekly meetings
 * Next week:  Finish up back/forward navigation feature, continue bug work

=== Steve Langasek ===

==== Release management ===
 * alpha 3
  * metapackage, d-i uploads

==== Specs ====
 * finish UbuntuSpec:foundations-lucid-laptop-mode-tools-integration

==== Packages ====
 * nfs-utils: start on new 'mounting' signal instead of obsolete 'mount' signal;
but this seems to have gone wrong and may need reverted
 * slang2: drop a non-main build-dep
 * samba: transition to upstart to finally fix Bug:523868
 * liblog-log4perl-perl: drop unneeded build-deps from universe, so this can be MIRed easily
 * ifupdown: SRU to close out Bug:497299
 * initramfs-tools: fix hibernate support (Bug:499940)

==== Misc ====
 * archive admin duties

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