Role of the Sponsorship Queue

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Wed Mar 3 12:25:32 GMT 2010

Daniel Holbach [2010-03-03 10:18 +0100]:
> Why do we need to have a look at lots of different queues? Is it really
> worth having a separate process just for the few cases where I'll just
> fix the small problems of a patch instead of doing the "you missed a
> semicolon there, can you please reupload again?" dance?

In my experience those corner cases which just need "small fixes" are
a minority really. A lot of patches in the sponsoring queue aren't
suitable for inclusion in Ubuntu in their current state because they
have technical problems, or aren't forwarded to upstream. Dealing with
rewriting patches and/or forwarding patches upstream is a _lot_ of
work, which I can do for only so many patches; certainly not enough to
get that entire queue down to zero with so few people actually doing

That's exactly what Bryce and Emmet meant: those patches are
conceptually in a much earlier state than ready-to-upload debdiffs
from prospective developers, so by their nature they need a different
process. And since they can be dealt with by a lot more people than
just Ubuntu developers they also would require a different process,
unless we want to arbitrarily introduce a bottleneck for having only
sponsors deal with them.

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