Role of the Sponsorship Queue

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Wed Mar 3 09:08:41 GMT 2010

On 03.03.2010 06:18, Scott Kitterman wrote:
> I thought one of the drivers behind merging Main/Universe processes was to 
> make it easy for potential contributors by removing the requirement for them 
> to understand which component a package was in and subscribe the 'correct' 
> sponsorship team.
> It seems to me that if we split "sponsorship" and "review" into two processes 
> we've just reinvented a different way to divide the problem and enable new 
> contributors to pick the wrong one and get frustrated.
> Given (if I understand it correctly) we've already made the process design 
> decision that we want developers to be the ones dealing with process 
> complexity because they will understand the requirements better, then I think 
> we ought to remain consistent with that design decision and keep the 
> sponsorship queue as the general input point for things people who don't have 
> upload rights would like to get into the archive.
> Similarly, I think packageset sponsorship teams should be discouraged for 
> similar reasons.


lucid-qa-fixing-bugs-with-patches merely describes the way from "triaged
bug with genuine patch and enough discussion to make things clear" to
the sponsorship queue.

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