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charlie cjsmo at cableone.net
Thu Jun 24 12:34:04 BST 2010

On Thu, 2010-06-24 at 10:32 +0100, ubuntu-devel-request at lists.ubuntu.com
> Re: New software created for Ubuntu

I have seen the MOTU approval process streamlined for Debian Developers
we can generally assume their technical capability and just need to
they understand Ubuntu specific processes, freezes, culture, etc.
Maintainer status is very easy to get (much easier than MOTU).  All it
is a sponsor to advocate for the potential DM and no other DD objecting.
an Ubuntu developer is paired with a sponsor for a few uploads to make
they understand Debian specific processes, freezes, culture, etc, I'm
sure it 
will be quite easy for them to get DM status (it was for me and other
developers who have done it).

Scott K

The hardest part I find in obtaining DM status is having your key signed
by a DD.  Not all of use have the money or free time to go globe
trotting after UDS and DebConf to get our keys signed.

As we all know this is a requirement in Debian but not for Ubuntu.

I have contacted the frontdesk on three seperate occasions (2009 and
twice in 2010), and they have informed me there are DD's that live in my
area (well within a 2 hour drive) but yet none will volunteer to meetup
for a key signing.  

So what alternatives does a prospective DM have ?

Best regards
Charlie Smotherman

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