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Sun Jun 13 01:22:17 BST 2010

Op woensdag 09-06-2010 om 11:52 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef Matt
> This seems like a potentially useful tool for the Ubuntu community,
> especially at UDS time.  It's a bit more Google Docs than Gobby, being
> browser-based, but is free software and seems worth exploring as an
> alternative.  Has anyone tried it?  What was your experience?
> There are some public installations already available which you can
> experiment with. 

Etherpad has advantages over *obby, but it also has some disadvantages.

One thing I remember from last UDS is that some people complained about
accessibility issues not present in gobby.  Have those been addressed?

Unfortunately I don't know the exact issues, but I think Luke Yelavich
(in CC) was one of the people voicing issues, so maybe he can tell us
what his experiences were/are.

Jan Claeys

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