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        Hello fellow Ubuntu developers!

 Since May, Linaro engineers worked with a bunch of Ubuntu folks to land
 some of the good Linaro stuff we're doing into Ubuntu.  It was brought
 to my attention that some of these have a large impact, and that it
 would be nice for Linaro folks to present upcoming changes they have
 been proposing, so here I am   :-)   I'll try sending out announcements
 earlier for the next large-ish changes.

 The largest two upstreamish things we're pushing to Ubuntu this cycle
 * toolchain: the Linaro Toolchain engineers have been working on
   delivering a leading edge toolchain, currently only based on GCC 4.4;
 * kernel: the Linaro Kernel Consolidation engineers have been working
   on consolidating ARM related kernel patches, currently based on linux

 Concerning the toolchain, the changes are well underway since ... they
 just landed in Ubuntu on armel with gcc-4.4 4.4.4-7ubuntu1!  Sorry for
 the late notice; this was also tracked as part of an Ubuntu spec and a
 Linaro GCC spec
 this toolchain underwent testing above the usual amount we're doing for
 Ubuntu toolchains, because it was landing so late in the cycle.  The
 testing was mostly discussed on the linaro-toolchain Linaro
 mailing-list, but I'm attaching a summary email from Michael Hope which
 has a good summary and pointers.  This topic was also discussed with
 the Technical Board, since the toolchain was being considered for other

 Concerning the kernel, we took the occasion of a colocated rally to
 discuss integration in Ubuntu.  We agreed with the Ubuntu Kernel team
 to have new linux-linaro source and perhaps some more sources in the
 Ubuntu archive maintained under the standard Ubuntu processes.  As a
 result, these changes should not impact any of Ubuntu ARM images.

 If you have any questions about these changes, shoot!


[1], etc.
Loïc Minier
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