SRUs: Upload *FIRST* for review

John Dong jdong at
Wed Jul 14 05:09:59 BST 2010

Hello all potential SRU filers and reviewers:

This has been loosely discussed back and forth, but from this point forward, I'd like to unify the SRU review process to make sure everyone gets a response in a timely manner and reviewers don't spend more brain power than necessary to FIND patches.

So, to submit a SRU for review, I propose:

(1) Write SRU verification description in the bug report
(2) Subscribe ubuntu-sru
(3) Upload the patch into -proposed (or subscribe the sponsors queue)

Then, reviewers simply have to:

(1) Look in the queue for unapproved uploads
(2) Use queuediff or the launchpad UI to review the patch
(3) Comment on the referenced LP bug

This should make sure that patches do not slip through the cracks, and at any given point in time there's one authoritative way to see if there's any patches are in the queue.

Any thoughts/objections?


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