pyjamas (and dependent) packaging: missing python-xpcom package

Fabrice Coutadeur coutadeurf at
Sun Jul 11 07:23:42 BST 2010


2010/7/9, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <luke.leighton at>:
>> What would be the less worst solution? Remove the pyjamas-desktop
>> package or make it use the Ubuntu's webkit?
>  ah.  ok.  rright.  the short answer is that the only option, if none
> of the other solutions are to be considered, is to comment out
> pyjamas-desktop from the pyjamas deb source.

Done in Maverick (next release of Ubuntu). Let's see what can be done in Lucid.

>  ok. here's the longer explanation.  in order for pyjamas to work, you
> need python bindings to the _exact_ same W3C DOM TR1-3 and HTML5
> functionality that javascript has.  and i meeann eeeeevverryyythiiing.
>  400+ W3C-specified objects, 3000+ W3C-specified functions, 20,000+
> W3C-specified properties.
>  * MSHTML has these bindings (via python-com)
>  * xulrunner has these bindings (via python-xpcom)
> only a heavily-patched version of pywebkitgtk and a heavily patched
> version of webkit have these bindings.

Ok. Thanks for the explanation.

> but - this is the reason why it is so crucial that python-xpcom be
> re-established, because it is the *only* way to reliably get full
> W3C-compliant python bindings to *any* free software web browser
> engine right now.

As said before, it's too late for Lucid. Let's see if this can be
fixed in Maverick.


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