proposed universe demotion: virt-manager (or, a request for active maintenance)

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Sat Jan 30 13:25:21 GMT 2010

Hello Dustin,

Dustin Kirkland [2010-01-29 12:33 -0600]:
> Bugs pile up
> that we do very little about.
>  *
>  * 113 bugs, 70+ untriaged

As as side note: That by itself is not really a metric for quality,
but more a suggestion of popularity. Firefox/OO.o/cups have _far_ more
bugs. :-)

>  a) the Ubuntu Desktop Team provides active maintenance of virt-manager, or
>  b) virt-manager is demoted to Universe for Lucid.

If someone in the Desktop team feels very attached to virt-manager,
taking up maintenance would be nice, but speaking for my own, it's so
much easier to use the CLI.. Also, it's not anywhere near the
stated goals of the desktop team, so it would be a kind of hobby
project only.

If it's not really getting maintenance from core devs, but needs some,
then demotion sounds appropriate. 



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