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Thu Jan 28 12:30:27 GMT 2010

On Wed, Jan 27, 2010 at 11:40:33AM -0800, Bryce Harrington wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 27, 2010 at 01:50:28PM -0500, Aaron Bentley wrote:
> > Bryce Harrington wrote:
> > > Heh, as a counter example I would point to any "shed painting" exercise.
> > > You have a clear bug with a simple solution, like say, "Make
> > > ctrl-alt-bkspace not terminate X".  Literally a 10 minute bug to turn it
> > > off.  Now add 75 commenters, each with their own differing idea on how
> > > it should be solved, whether it should be solved, how to make it
> > > configurable, etc. etc.  Your CEO even chimes in, and that only serves
> > > to set off *another* 75 commenters...  You end up spending hours writing
> > > specifications, implementing configuration tools, answering questions,
> > > discussing it in meetings...  And then you spend 10 minutes and turn it
> > > off.
> > 
> > But can I have a way to turn it back on that works before I've logged
> > into GNOME? :-)
> Of course!
> setxkbmap -option terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp

And since you can't run that manually from the GDM login prompt, put it
near the end of /etc/gdm/Init/Default so it'll be run automatically on
gdm startup.

I believe will soon start accepting XKB options in xorg.conf

I'm not quite sure what "soon" means in terms of Ubuntu versions; I
suppose "not karmic, but probably lucid" is most likely.

Marius Gedminas
Veni, Vidi, VISA:  I came, I saw, I did a little shopping.
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