netcat-* seeding; demotion to standard

Loïc Minier loic.minier at
Thu Jan 21 14:42:01 GMT 2010


 libvirt-bin requires netcat-openbsd and ubuntu-minimal depends on
 netcat.  netcat is a transitional package since hardy which depends on
 netcat-traditional, but netcat is also provided by netcat-openbsd and
 netcat-traditional.  This is a bit messy and means we have two netcats
 in main and often two netcats installed when libvirt-bin is installed.

 I just listed netcat-openbsd in minimal instead of netcat, but this
 might be the occasion to demote it to standard -- I see no depends on
 netcat in minimal.

 Does anybody mind if I demote /bin/nc to standard?

 Also, if I see netcat-openbsd explicitly, it means it will be installed
 on a bunch systems, but netcat-traditional wont be removed; I think
 that's ok, but if I should be doing something more involved, perhaps
 involving the netcat transitional package, let me know.

Loïc Minier

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