"Exec format error" bugs

Chow Loong Jin hyperair at ubuntu.com
Tue Jan 19 07:32:46 GMT 2010

On Tuesday 19,January,2010 02:45 PM, Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> [...]
>> I've seen a few cases where this was caused by the post-install script
>> being an empty file, maybe caused by I/O errors during install
> Can we do better than closing the bugs with "we believe that your
> computer has hardware problems, please retry with reinstallation of
> ubuntu and reopen if you still experience this issue"?
Shouldn't dpkg realize if there are I/O errors while unpacking the
{pre,post}{inst,rm} scripts? Perhaps this warning should be put there instead,
and dpkg should probably abort and roll back whatever it was doing.

This is probably related to the out of disk space error -- dpkg creates the file
and tries to write but cannot because there is no more space.

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