Proposing MIR process simplification

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Mon Jan 11 10:24:53 GMT 2010

On Mon, Jan 11, 2010 at 10:15:41AM +0100, Martin Pitt wrote:
> Matt Zimmerman [2010-01-05 18:14 +0000]:
> > There is a big difference in transparency and commitment in stating the
> > facts (i.e. which requirements were met and how), rather than just saying "I
> > checked that it meets the requirements".  This shouldn't be any more work,
> > since they need to follow the checklist anyway.  Is there any harm in
> > stating that explicitly in the bug report?
> You mean explicitly stating "I checked the packaging,
> Debian/Ubuntu/Upstream bugs, security history, etc."?

Yes, perhaps listing the date when this was done or some relevant summary
data (e.g. reviewed these five CVEs).

> Of course there's no harm in doing this. It would again introduce the kind
> of boilerplate text which clutters the really interesting facts, but it'd
> be much smaller, of course.

It's just a suggestion, which you can take or leave as you see fit.  I think
the MIR process should be a tool to help ensure that the correct checks are
always done, and if we can maintain a good confidence level while reducing
bureaucracy, I think that's progress.

 - mdz

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