Compatibility between Ubuntu and GNOME developer strategies

Nuno Paquete nunopaquete at
Thu Dec 16 22:10:48 GMT 2010

Hi guys,

I'm a programmer and  sysadmin and this is good news for me.
I use Linux for a long time and is my favorite OS, I use it on my personal and professional laptop and on many servers.
I'm also an experienced developer on Windows platform and would love to program on Linux environment as well as I do on Windows, but there is a long progress needed to be done to bring a Windows developer to adopt Linux as a  programming environment. I'm not a good example because I love Linux and although I don't program on Linux for long time, I plan to do it in the shott come.
This progresses that are in discussion is perhaps what was missing to bring Windows developers to Linux world. You know, packaging is not a simple task, we already have application development concerns, it would be great not having packaging concerns and use that effort to write better code and correct some bugs.
Also if there is IDE integrated deployment facilities, it would be wonderfull and I believe this could bring people from other platforms come to Linux.
I'll be looking forward to see this Developments.

Nuno Paquete

No dia 16 de Dez de 2010, às 18:18, James Westby <jw+debian at> escreveu:

> Hi,
> On Thu, 16 Dec 2010 09:35:38 -0800, Rick Spencer <rick.spencer at> wrote:
>> The idea is that you can easily replace the "ubuntu-application" part
>> with whatever you want. For example, you could fork the
>> ubuntu-application template to make fedora-application. You could change
>> the preferences to use something other than desktopcouch for
>> persistence, and change the package command to create an rpm instead of
>> deb.
> A few others and I are working on a tool which we hope will abstract the
> packaging part of this. I don't think that the package format should be
> necessarily tied to the technologies that will be used to produce the
> application.
> The tool is inspired by quickly, stdeb, python-mkdebian and debhelper,
> and aims to generate the packaging by looking at the code.
> Once it is up to scratch I would like to propose it to implement the
> "package" command of quickly, which could then be shared across
> templates.
> It would be easy for someone to extend pkgme to generate an rpm spec
> file, or any other packaging format.
> I think this would be particularly attractive to GNOME, as it would mean
> that you didn't have to favour a particular distribution for packaging
> of the code.
> I haven't talked much about the project yet as I am putting together
> some documentation for people who want to write "backends" for it. Once
> we have a few of those then we can encourage application authors to make
> use of the tool.
> Thanks,
> James
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