Patch Pilot report 2010-12-03

Jamie Strandboge jamie at
Fri Dec 3 15:50:08 GMT 2010

After re-reviewing CodeReviews[1] I started working off of the
sponsoring report[2]. I reviewed two rather time consuming sponsored
security uploads, 3 bugs and looked at one merge. One person pinged me
in #ubuntu-devel to sponsor an upload (one of the aforementioned
security bugs). I got a prompt response and updated merge request from
another person after commenting in a bug, which is driving a 4.5 year
old wishlist bug to a fix (that's pretty cool).

I thought it would be nice if the date of the last comment was shown in
the sponsoring report[2]. That way it is easier to coordinate work-- if
today's other patch pilot already commented on it today, and he/she was
the last commenter, I have no reason to look at it. Might also be nice
if the sponsoring report[2] had the last comment/date of the last
comment for merge requests for the same reason.


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