New udev release and usb-modeswitch in maverick - please test 3G sticks

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Sat Aug 21 09:28:43 BST 2010

Hello friends of Ubuntu,

due to some lack of coordination we totally missed out updating udev
in maverick (until today it was still the lucid version). The new
upstream version carries many dozen bug fixes, updated keymaps, fixes
for handling CD-RWs/DVD-RWs/DVD+RWs, etc. So I now uploaded the
current version to maverick after the FFE got approved

The most intrusive and regression prone change that this brings is the
deprecation of "modem-modeswitch", a helper program which switches USB
3G cards from their "fake CD-ROM" state (which is used to carry
Windows drivers, and is totally useless on Linux) into the real
"modem" mode. This functionality has been replaced by the newer and
much more comprehensive "usb-modeswitch" which got promoted to main
yesterday and is now installed by default due to the Recommends: of
modemmanager. This step was long overdue anyway, and is actually
expected to greatly improve the out of the box functionality of many
3G cards. Please see

If you encounter regressions with hardware detection, boot problems,
or your 3G modem stick stops working, please do let me know.
Preferably by filing a bug (ubuntu-bug udev or ubuntu-bug
usb-modeswitch) and subscribing me, but you are also welcome to email
me or ping me on IRC ("pitti" on freenode, I hang out in

Thank you,


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