broken glib upload to maverick (32 bits)

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Fri Aug 6 12:29:41 BST 2010


The new glib version uploaded early today crashes on 32 bits arch:

The binaries have been blocked from download earlier today and the
buildds stopped. A new version (reverting to the previous working
source) has been uploaded now and is building:

The buggy version crashes gtk softwares on start and will prevent you to
start a session, one way to workaround the issue is to download those
debs from an another computer (i386) or a command line:

Then copy then to your maverick computer and install them (sudo dpkg -i
libglib *.deb for example).

Sorry for the trouble and thanks for your understanding.

Note that we still didn't figure what is wrong with the new version.
Debian experimental has the same issue and they suspect a compiler
issue. Building with -O0 workaround that crash but things using gvfs
still crash. If anybody has any clue on what the issue could be we could
don't hesitate to reply to this email on contact us on IRC or launchpad,
some of the recent updates need the new glib and the downgrade is only a
workaround for the crash issue but we will need to sort what is wrong
with the update.

Sorry for the issues and thanks for your understanding!

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