Micah Gersten micahg at
Mon Aug 2 20:49:10 BST 2010

On 08/02/2010 02:35 PM, Paul Sladen wrote:
> On Mon, 2 Aug 2010, Mackenzie Morgan wrote:
>> pushing more for the packages to go to Debian first and then sync
> Turn-around times have been one suggestion /why/ pushing to Debian in the
> first instance does not happen enough---it is a lot easier to manipulate an
> upload directly than wait for it to be proxied via a third-party (but with
> REVU it could be argued that there is already that third-party).
> To short circuit the difference in delay period between 'dput ubuntu' and
> 'dput debian' + sync back would effectively need a skilled DD able to act as
> that proxy for new packages;  and most of the people of sufficient calibre
> are probably already working on their personal packages, or $dayjob packages.
> It's likely to be mind-numbing, which probably means bribing such a willing
> individual.
> That one individual would be ultimately signing their name on lots
> of packages, diluting their reputation if long-term maintenance doesn't end
> up being forthcoming after they're marshalled the initial uploads.
> Back when people like Scott and mjg59 were still DDs I found it relatively
> easy (and therefore not overly onorous) to get uploads done on a
> semi-predictable turn-around.
> The question is, how to return to that situation of a semi-reliable 24-hour
> turn-around without forcing everyone through the Debian New Maintainer
> process in parallel.  Presumably the reason people are following the
> /Ubuntu/ path in the first place is because of a perception of an easier
> welcome with gradulated steps to direct involvement.
> 	-Paul

Another side of that argument is, do we really want to take in a lot of
packages without that maintenance commitment?  The nice thing of pushing
through Debian is that someone is committing to maintaining the package.
 Also, I think bdrung or someone said in -motu that make sure the
packaging is up to standards and then push through Debian.  Without the
actual commitment of maintenance, MOTU ends up with a lot more work to
do.  Maybe we should find a way to get more MOTUs in the position to
sponsor uploads in Debian as well?


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