Steve Stalcup vorian at
Mon Aug 2 01:27:25 BST 2010

Hello All,

Although I think there are many great benefits being realized due to
the Archive Reorganization, I think it has severely wounded some of
the traditional MOTU functions.  I think Ian brought up one of these
on Saturday [0].

One I think has completely slipped away is REVU days [1].  I feel REVU
is a fantastic tool to help the aspiring Ubuntu Developer, and as a
side benefit, we get some great new apps.

Maybe I'm wrong, but these two areas seem to really have stalled since
the reorganization.

I am willing to commit to several days of reviews - Can we get to
together on a consistent day and get some of the enormous queue
knocked out?   There's only a couple of weeks left, so the more days
the better.



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