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Hi All,
We have developed VHD support for Linux, wonder how we contribute the source code and integrate with Ubuntu?
The following are some descriptions:
1 Linux as Real Appliance

With VBoot for Linux, you can pre-install and pre-configure Linux OS and its applications, then distribute the resulting virtual disk file in VHD format. The vhd can boot a real computer, with configuration and apps instantly available. This way, operating systems are truly manageable, as simple as files. We call such a Linux VHD to be a real appliance, in the sense that it boots physical computers.

It's very easy to setup and boot a computer with a vhd file. You download the vhd file, drop it to Windows or Linux file system, then configure the boot loader, and reboot the computer.

2 Linux as Virtual Appliance

The exact same vhd file also runs as a virtual machine using virtualization software, such as VMLite Workstation, VirtualBox, Xen and Virtual PC and Hyper-V, etc. By default, it's optimized for VMLite Workstation. 

If VMLite Workstation is installed, you can simply double click the ubuntu-910-desktop-i386.mop file to launch the vhd as a virtual machine with VMLite Workstation. 

3 USB Boot Made Easy

You just need to store the vhd file to usb drive, then hook the USB to different computers to boot.

A sample Ubuntu VHD package is ready for download: (free site registration required)

download, extract it, then double click setup.exe on Windows, reboot
On Linux, need to configure boot loaders.

detailed instructions:


- VMLite Team
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