New software created for Ubuntu

Raphael Hertzog hertzog at
Fri Apr 30 10:33:09 BST 2010


Ubuntu is developing more and more software of its own and often Debian
reintegrates the software but later on. I wonder why you are not
integrating new software immediately in Debian:
- you would benefit from the feedback of the debian community sooner
  and avoid some packaging churn later on [1]
- even when you have constraint of integration with other software in
  debian and that you're blocked, you can have a ubuntu-specific packaging
  thanks to the dpkg-vendor framework and still share the source package
  between both distributions
- you would have some explicit responsibility in maintaining the software
  that you create

[1] I'm referring to for desktopcouch, the
    initial packaging is sub-optimal and the upstream developers (all have been asked for their feedback and insight on the
    reasons of some dependencies but they have never responded... this
    sucks hard. It would be nice if this small fingerpointing would lead
    to someone reacting...

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