Review: Syncing from testing a success?

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Tue Apr 20 16:14:45 BST 2010

Kees Cook [2010-04-20  7:24 -0700]:
> There were delays in the builders, since amd64 was running behind by about
> 2 days.  When gnome-panel went through a transition I accidentally ended up
> with a system that could not run ubuntu-desktop for just under 2 days.  It
> was my own fault to allow that upgrade, but it kind of showed to me that
> doing a huge number of transitions at once runs the risk of breaking people
> if builds get out of sync or delayed.  With a slower transition, I feel
> this is minimized.

The problem in the past was that there were quite a lot of transitions
which were only half-done because DIF hit in the middle of them. It
seems to me that an immediate transition of all affected packages
handled this much better?

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