Review: Syncing from testing a success?

Thierry Carrez thierry.carrez at
Fri Apr 9 22:15:56 BST 2010

On 08/04/2010 21:41, Martin Pitt wrote:
> So, in your opinion, did syncing from testing
>   (1) help to avoid introducing larger breakage into Ubuntu (for the
>       domain you are usually watching)

Yes, it clearly did. It avoided automatically introducing a few 
regressions, and for the bugfixes I cared about (and for which I 
reviewed the diff), I requested syncs from unstable.

>   (2) meant a smaller or larger amount of review and sync requests

Obviously the drawback of auto-from-testing/manual-from-unstable is the 
additional review/sync processing for the AA team. If we generally 
replace that to allow regular committers to be able to trigger sync from 
unstable, then I think we have the best of both worlds.

Thierry Carrez
Ubuntu server team

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