Review: Syncing from testing a success?

Steve Langasek steve.langasek at
Fri Apr 9 17:53:34 BST 2010

On Fri, Apr 09, 2010 at 06:10:00PM +0200, Martin Pitt wrote:
> Michael Bienia [2010-04-08 23:00 +0200]:
> > Another problem is: Debian removes packages from testing when they get
> > to buggy, yet we keep them. Perhaps we should remove those binaries too
> > if the same version gets removed from testing.

> We have a "process-removals" script which we run several times during
> a release, to remove packages which were removed in Debian (with
> appropriate manual checks, of course -- we do want to keep some,
> because they are fixed in Ubuntu, or we are behind a transition,
> etc.).

> This should perhaps be adjusted to look at testing, too? Or is it
> already? (Sorry, I'm not doing day-to-day archive administration any
> more)

Since the script works by processing the Debian archive removal log, and
that tracks removals of packages from unstable and experimental /not/
testing, it doesn't.  I'm also not sure that would give us any better input
than what we have right now, since packages can be removed for testing for
transient issues (incl. issues that aren't bugs in that package itself).

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