InterWikiMap for Ubuntu Manpages

Dustin Kirkland dustin.kirkland at
Wed Apr 7 21:15:59 BST 2010

Howdy ubuntu-doc, ubuntu-devel,

I just added an InterWikiMap for on both and (for those times when you just
want to reference the system manuals).

This means that you can now conveniently link to HTML versions of
Ubuntu manpages with the following syntax directly from the wiki
page's source:
 * Manpage:dash will point to which
redirects to
 * Manpage:kvm will point to which
redirects to

It ain't perfect, but it should get you to the right page the
overwhelming majority of the time.

When it doesn't automatically get you to the page you want (eg,
"open", which has multiple manpages), you can link it manually:
 * [[|open(3tcl)]]

Or you can feel free hack the source code to make it work better ;-)


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