Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Quality Bug Status Report - April 2, 2010

Marjo Mercado marjo.mercado at canonical.com
Fri Apr 2 23:38:06 BST 2010

Hello Ubuntu Developers,

Please rest assured that this regular report is intended only for the
latter phases of the release cycle to help us focus on bug fixing and
stabilization. Please continue to provide feedback on it.

27 days left and 280 bug tasks to fix [1]
Lucid Final Freeze - 15 April 2010 (13 days away)
Barring no new work, we need to fix 10 bug tasks a day now

The focus of the bug fixing should be on the following criteria:

1. 7 Critical [3]
2. 25 Regression Potential [4]
3. 93 High [5]

The Canonical Desktop Team needs to deal with 17 bug tasks
Chris Coulson is the most overtasked with 10 bug tasks
Martin Pitt is rockin' with 76 bug tasks fixed
Yesterday's hero was Colin Watson with 3 bug tasks fixed

Thank you for your focus on quality.



[1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+bugs
[2] http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/bug-fixing/lucid-fixes-report.html

Marjo F. Mercado
Ubuntu QA Team Manager
W: (917) 338-6551
IRC: marjo

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