Getting translation packages installed automagically

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Fri Sep 25 13:09:15 BST 2009

Hello Arne,

Arne Goetje [2009-09-24  2:31 +0800]:
> Also, when a user adds packages to his system, which come with
> additional localization packages, the localization packages should be
> pulled automatically for the languages the user has installed on his system.

Some ideas for this:

Add an interactive upgrade hook to these packages's postinst, which
call your new script in a "package postinst" mode. Instead of printing
out missing packages, it would trigger the "You need to install
additional packages to get full translation support" notice.  We
already have this mechanism after a networkless installation, and
could make it easily available.

This requires actually modifying packages like tbird or OO.o. I don't
think that's a major problem since we have Ubuntu-specific packages
for them anyway. If this would need to be done to a large number of
packages, this would become impractical. I have some ideas for that
case as well, but I guess it's a very small scale problem right now?

The drawback of this is that it doesn't feel tightly integrated; it
however works with plain apt-get.

So to improve this, we could also have synaptic/software-store call
this script after selecting new packages, and mark the missing
translation ones automatically. This would require an extension to
your script to not check the packages which are currently
installed, but for packages which are about to be installed.



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