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Brian Murray brian at
Thu Sep 3 22:26:42 BST 2009

Recently there was some discussion about packages that might have no one
looking after bugs reported about them.  One way to monitor bugs about a
package, in Launchpad, is to subscribe to all of the package's bug
mail.  This can be done by going to and clicking "Subscribe to bug
mail".  (Of course replacing apcid with the package you are interested

I went looking for these packages and have compiled a wiki page[1] with
some of them.  (A complete csv file is also attached to that page.)
There are approximately 850 of these packages in main, and not having
people subscribed to a package's bug reports may make sense in some
cases.  However, there are still clearly some packages that need
monitoring and some bug cleanup done.  The cleanup[2] can be fairly easy
with the right tools too!

How can you help?  If there is a package that you or a team you are
member of cares for - subscribe to the bug mail.  Some teams, like
ubuntu-x and desktop-bugs, have mailing lists specifically setup for
their bug mail.  Alternatively, review and triage a package's existing
bug reports.


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