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On Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 10:36, Mackenzie Morgan <macoafi at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Tuesday 29 September 2009 7:24:24 am Carlos Ribeiro wrote:
> > On Mon, Sep 28, 2009 at 17:27, Derek Broughton <derek at pointerstop.ca>
> wrote:
> > > And many (all but one of the ones I've used) touchpads are so sensitive
> > > that
> > > you don't need to come within a centimeter or two of the pad to get a
> > > "click".
> >
> > Right!! Sometimes you just move your hand close (bot not touching) the
> pad,
> > and it still moves the mouse, or it clickes. The problem is that it can
> >  move the cursor focus, and if you are typing fast, it becomes a big
> >  problem - your text is broken, mixed up, and it breaks your entire
> thought
> >  flow.
> >
> > That's whay I *always* 'disable touchpad while typing" option on Windows.
> > That's a HUGE problem for me in Ubuntu.
> It's a huge problem for you that this option is also available in Ubuntu?
Sorry for the emphasis. I should have said "it used to be HUGE problem...".
Older versions didn't had this option, as it has appeared first on Windows
custom drivers. Also, in the past touchpad support wasn't very good or
solid, due to driver issues. It became a lot less frequent over time, it can
be the case that it can be considered "fixed" by now.

Anyway - my point is that it should be default. One good reason is that I
can't imagine a good reason for people to click while they're typing. So, if
you have this option as a default, you help people that have a problem with
it, and at the same time don't bother those who don't care about it.

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