Call for testing: video/audio calls (MSN)

Devid Antonio Filoni devidfil at
Mon Sep 28 17:54:42 BST 2009

the new telepathy-butterfly (MSN in Empathy) version (0.5.1) adds a
long-wanted feature: audio and video calls support. In order to get
the new version in Ubuntu Karmic, the package requires a Feature
Freeze exception [1] and we want your feedback to know if A/V support
works fine or not in order to take a decision about the upload of the
new package in Ubuntu 9.10.

Some informations/warnings about the feature:
- You can only send invites, you still cannot receive them ATM.
- If your contact uses a new version of MSN in order to get A/V calls
working you would need to configure your router to forward some ports
(6890 to 6900). This is caused by a bug in the *official client* which
will be hopefully fixed in the next version.

If you want to test the new telepathy-butterfly package you can
install it using the telepathy PPA [2]. You will also need to install
python-gst0.10 and python-farsight packages.

Please report your feedback here or in the FFe bug [1].

Devid Antonio Filoni


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