Karmic touch pad request

Arand Nash ienorand at gmail.com
Mon Sep 28 16:17:34 BST 2009

Rick Spencer wrote:
> As I said, many users find it confusing and hard to use. Users who like
> it, tell me that *all* users like it. Users who don't like it tell me
> that *no* users like it. Both groups tell me that for the insane users
> on the other side of the equation they can easily change the setting.
> Not that we are past beta freeze, it is time to take our best guess and
> ship the beta and see what kind of feedback comes in from a larger group
> of users.
> Cheers, Rick
What I feel is the most pressing point here is that tap to click on by 
default, is more or less the de-facto standard out there: This is 
Expected Behaviour on almost all laptops, regardless whether one 
likes/uses/don't use/hates it or not.

Hence the setting with "least surprise" will be on-by-default.
As I think has already been mentioned, TTC on, will result in one 
portion of the userbase being annoyed, but they will likely know the 
reason for it.

TTC off on the other hand, will result in the other part of the userbase 
being annoyed, but more importantly, many of whom will not realise that 
the setting to enable it exists, and hence they'll conclude that ubuntu 
is unable to make their touchpad work properly.

The only reason for TTC off is to avoid unwanted clicks, and granted, 
this is also a matter of surprise for the user, but shouldn't we rather 
try to fix this, than instead just shifting this over to a problem for 
another set of users?
There are ways to avoid unwantes clicks, whereas I think it'll be much 
harder to explain to all users why "ubuntu has broken their touchpad".

Do we really want to distinguish ourselves from the majority by 
disabling expected and commonly (not necesarrily by the majority) used 

- Arand

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