Question regarding the new login theme and using other gdm themes

Dennis Beekman d.c.beekman.devel at
Mon Sep 28 13:58:21 BST 2009

I have to say that 9.10 alpha 5 looks great for my home computer and i 
will surtainly install the Beta and RC releases aswell... to follow the 
changes made to them.

However something bothers me and noboddy else can answer this issue on 
any forums.
The school where i do the IT Managment requires that the login screen 
has they're logo and a wallpaper chosen by them....

Before this was not difficult, i had adapted a gdm theme wich installed.
but in the Alpha 5 of ubuntu i cannot change gdm themes anymore or so it 
when i either select it from the menu or call "gdmsetup" from a console 
i can only select whether is wish to automagically login on not :-(

Will this be a permanent change in Ubuntu or will the function to change 
gdm themes be added later in the development process ?
If this is added i would need to start searching for an alternate distro 
to use at this location as the gdm theme is required...

If one of the developers could kindly mail me the answer to this 
question it would help me greatly and would grant me a little extra time 
to find a alternative.

Kind Regards,


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