Karmic touch pad request

Tollef Fog Heen tfheen at err.no
Mon Sep 28 10:14:36 BST 2009

]] Alan Pope 

| 2009/9/27 Rick Spencer <rick.spencer at canonical.com>:
| > 2. I have turned this off for users who complain that their computers
| > randomly move the cursor the around on them. This is because they have
| > no idea what tap to click is, so they can't begin to fathom why this
| > would happen. It happens when their palms hit the touchpad.
| I think you're confusing two entirely separate things. Tap to click
| causes stuff to get _clicked_ on when people inadvertently tap the pad
| when they didn't mean to. However what you seem to be describing is
| just accidentally tapping the touchpad area by accident, causing the
| mouse pointer to move. These are two separate issues.

When rick was writing «cursor», I think he was referring to applications
with a text entry cursor such as gedit where the pointer will indeed
move about if you accidentially hit the touchpad and thereby generate a
click.  Having the mouse pointer move about is much less of a problem as
it doesn't interfere with text entry, except if you are using
focus-follows-mouse and move the pointer off the window.

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