Getting translation packages installed automagically

Arne Goetje arne.goetje at
Mon Sep 28 06:26:26 BST 2009

Colin Watson wrote:
> Can we get this into the archive as soon as possible? Is somebody
> already looking at sponsoring this, or do you need (e.g.) me to do it?

I need someone to sponsor it, yes. mvo seems to have his plate full in
the moment... so, if you could step in, that would be great. :)

>> The idea is, that the installer runs this tool if network connectivity
>> is available before the packages are actually installed, parses the
>> output of 'check-language-support -l TARGET_LANGUAGE_CODE' and mark
>> those packages for installation. Then the user will get a fully
>> localized system right from the start.
> In fact, I think the installer should just run it unconditionally, as
> some of the necessary packages may be available on the CD. (The fact
> that we can now include only *some* of the necessary packages on CDs
> relatively easily is a big advantage of this work, as I understand it.)
> I think I can implement this in pkgsel and ubiquity fairly
> straightforwardly.

ok, thanks.

> There's one extra feature I'll need in check-language-support, though:
> pkgsel has an option to install support for all languages, which is used
> in all special cases. I have a branch for this but some problems with
> the upgrade to bzr 2.0 mean that I apparently can't push this to
> Launchpad at the moment; instead, I've attached a merge directive to
> this mail which you can merge using 'bzr merge check-all.bundle'.

I have merged this into my branch, thanks.


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