Patch Tagging Guidelines (aka DEP3) -- Adopting in Ubuntu?

Raphael Hertzog raphael at
Thu Sep 24 07:56:50 BST 2009

Le jeudi 24 septembre 2009, James Westby a écrit :
> > I'd like to update our PatchTaggingGuidelines to refer to the DEP3
> > now, and give some updated Ubuntu examples.
> However, it's not clear that they are finalised, given further discussion
> on debian-devel. While it may not be an incompatible change, are we
> better off playing "wait and see" to avoid perhaps switching twice?

I expect to change it yes, for better compatibily with git-format-patch.
But I'll try to not break what we already have.

It will probably be along the lines of headers can be split in two blocks
and any other lines is part of the long description (up to the first
"---\n") with Subject and From new aliases for short description and

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