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Wed Sep 23 16:56:19 BST 2009

On Wed, Sep 23, 2009 at 8:26 AM, Daniel Holbach
<daniel.holbach at> wrote:
> What do you think should be easier? Do you have any examples? Maybe we
> can try to get a collection of documentation together that would make
> the job easier already.

I think the PackagingGuide is nice, and already contains a lot of the
information required -- I check it fairly often. Perhaps it was also
more of an issue with previous versions of the PackagingGuide.

I can't think of anything right now, but I will try to spot which
tasks I was getting "stuck" on, and propose changes.

>> That said, I know it's more something for the Launchpad mailing lists,
>> but I find that perhaps providing an interface through Launchpad,
>> where you can see the lintian warnings/errors for a package in a PPA
>> could be an interesting way of helping out getting people to know how
>> to improve their packaging work. Though I might be mistaken, I don't
>> think it would be so hard to implement. Providing a simple message and
>> link to more information on how to fix those would be a matter of
>> having a link to the right wiki page.
> Somebody should file a wishlist bug for that. :-)

I just opened bug #435276 on that subject.

>> Additionally, perhaps providing some quick way of uploading packages
>> from a PPA to REVU, or simply making REVU use a source package's files
>> from a PPA? I can see how someone might be packaging some shiny new
>> program, pushing it to a PPA, and then being advised that it would be
>> something useful to have included in the distribution.
> Sounds like a nice small project too.

Does this also warrant a wishlist bug? Or does anyone have
other/better ideas on how to do this? I think it also ties in to the
previous discusssion on keeping PPA lineages in packages that are
uploaded to the archive, and thus deals with how people like their
changelog entries in this case :)

/ Matt

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