Packaging Help

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Mon Sep 21 15:17:01 BST 2009

Hello everybody,

a few days ago I had a chat with Celso Providelo from the Launchpad
Soyuz team who is getting requests for help with packaging every now and
then. While the Soyuz team links to Ubuntu Packaging information already
([1], [2]), they still get requests for help and are in no really good
position to advise on some topics.

As everything that lands in PPAs benefits Ubuntu and might land in
Ubuntu eventually, I think it'd be great if we could find out how we can
help there. Some Upstream developers are already packaging new upstream
releases for testing, etc. so it'd be fantastic if we could find a way
to get in touch and help them understand how Ubuntu development
processes work and get them involved more directly.

I see this as a huge opportunity and would appreciate your thoughts on
how we can make this happen in a pain-free manner.


Have a great day,

PS: When you reply, please keep Celso CCed.

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