Foundations Weekly Summary, 2009-09-09

Robbie Williamson robbie at
Tue Sep 15 15:35:27 BST 2009

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== Present ==

 * RobbieWilliamson - chair
 * ColinWatson
 * EvanDandrea
 * JamesWestby
 * LarsWirzenius
 * MatthiasKlose
 * MichaelVogt
 * MikeTerry
 * MuharemHrnjadovic
 * ScottJamesRemnant
 * SteveLangasek

== Agenda ==
 * Status Updates on
  * Alpha 6 Deliverables
Software Store]]
    * '''UI Freeze tomorrow'''
Management Infrastructure Cleanup]]
    * I think we've done all we can on this one
Janitor UI Improvements]]
    * '''UI Freeze tomorrow'''
    * Thinking this is '''done'''
  * Alpha 6 ''Foundationy'' Bugs
   * Bug:353534: dapper->hardy->intrepid upgrade path leaves user with
unmaintained kernel
   * Bug:386789: 'grub2' does not carry over correct 'timeout' time from 'grub'
   * Bug:422101: initramfs-tools package seems to fail postinstall on armel
   * Bug:407428: worker signal mask inherited by children
 * Sponsorship queue
 * Good news
 * AOB

== Activity reports ==

=== Colin Watson ===
 * GRUB 2:
  * Some work on the rather out-of-date manual.
  * Updated and improved Vladimir Serbinenko's savedefault patch (uploaded to
Ubuntu, will be integrated upstream after 1.97).
  * Fixed grub2 #423412 (core.img with mdraid & lvm too big to embed).
  * Disabled extraneous boot messages.
  * Helped to track down wubi #423381 (syntax error with grub2).
  * Fixed memtest86+ #424506 (memtest grub entry does not run on 32-bit).
  * Fixed partman-partitioning/partman-auto #417724 (create BIOS Boot Partition
on GPT). Added corresponding ubiquity support.
  * Merged 1.97~beta2 from Debian.
  * Started work on adding multiple input terminal support (i.e. wait for a
keypress to arrive on either serial console or keyboard, then use that terminal).
  * Started work on long command line support.

 * Eucalyptus:
  * Fixed eucalyptus #423424 (Generated node preseed file has commented out
  * Implemented euca_conf --discover-nodes (lp:~cjwatson/eucalyptus/discover-nodes).

 * Installer:
  * Committed a variant of Evan's patch for partman-partitioning #34974 ("Too
large size" message a little terse) to Debian.

 * Sponsorship:
  * sgt-puzzles #417682 (universe).

 * Fixed wicd #366119 (use pm-utils when suspending/hibernating).

 * Improved os-prober to use a private mount namespace and to use blkid output
rather than trying all filesystems in turn.

 * Fixed busybox #268306 ("more" useless, scrolls by without stopping).

 * Fixed busybox #424731 (du is missing from initrd).

 * Fixed casper #406188 (sed: invalid option -- '1').

 * Merged several contributed casper patches (#424464, #424742, #425159).

 * Synced: os-prober

=== Evan Dandrea ===
 * Short week, vacation on September 4th.
 * Started looking into fixing 315644 for OEMs.
 * Investigated 408292, which now looks like a GNOME issue.  Will follow up with
the desktop team.
 * Filed an RT for access to cranberry in support of LP 419194 (install failure
survey) and started looking into django for the supporting code.
 * Lots of fixes to usb-creator.  Added back partition table block devices in
the UI.  Fixed ISO image support in the devicekit backend. Brought back code to
write syslinux to the MBR that was lost in the merge of the devicekit branch.
 * Worked on PolicyKit support for usb-creator.  I think I'm going to keep this
in a separate branch and merge after 9.10, to allow adequate testing.
 * Merged and further tested Michael Terry's ubiquity plugins branch.
 * Ubiquity bug triage and fixing.

=== James Westby ===
==== Distributed Development ====

  * Merge some more fixes from Muharem. Thanks.
  * Fixed some failures to import.

==== Daily builds ====

  * Some discussion on the mailing list.
  * Tried to start a discussion about taking part of the version number from the
tree, but no input yet.

==== Kerneloops ====

  * Nothing this week.

==== Distro Tasks ====

  * Archive admin duties
  * Sponsoring.
  * A bunch of fixes for issues, some cleaning up after myself.

=== Lars Wirzenius ===
 * Gave a UDW session Getting Things Done.
 * Bug fixing of Computer Janitor, just in time for the UI freeze.
 * Filed and debugged a bit on #426159 (user can't log in via gdm, since compiz
crashes X; this happens too fast for me to realize that it's an X crash).

=== Matthias Klose ===

=== Michael Vogt ===
==== software-store ====
 * Work on the app-center webkit branch
 * fix alignment
 * fix problem with i18n
 * port the appdetailsview fully to webkit
 * Make the wkwidget class more flexible/readable when it comes to the
substitution of vars in the html data
 * App-center: merge software-store webkit branch, fix
 * More layout fixes in app-center
 * Add menu shortcuts to the software-store app
 * fix installed overlay icon
 * App-center work (merge rugby branch, fix spinning animation)
 * Fix crash in sofware-store search
 * work: workaround missing xpm renderr in webkit
 * fix loading of custom icons in the appdetailsview
 * scale default icon size
 * add dbus controller to software-store
 * use ellipsize_midle
 * cleanup appview widget (proper signal support),
 * update update-software-store to support genericname and pkg.summary as fallbacks
 * work on implementing the appdetails view (as speced ~last week) and running
into issues with the TreeView that seem to require a custom cell renderer
 * work on custom-cell renderer  for arrow button
 * add custom cell renderer for overlay icon
 * add stub help to software-store
 * Review/merge software-store changes from rugby471
 * add GtkbuilderWidget, add InstalledPane composited widget
 * add "view-changed" signal to ViewSwitcher class
 * port software store to multi-view UI (the spec was unclear about this before
and it required quite a few code changes)
 * add availablepane and and installedpane
 * merge changes into trunk/
 * make supported-only, all toggle items in the menu work with multi-view
 * make menu item search work with multiview

==== update-manager ====
 * Merge update-manager fix (#420209)
 * Fix duplicated id in u-m (#422665)
 * Fix crash when lsmod is not installed
 * New updat-emanager upload
 * Debug hang in update-manager, apply (possible) fix
 * Debug/fix loop in update-manager on package failure (text frontend)
 * Debugging hang in the release-upgrader on failure with the gtk frontend (took
a while until it got found)
 * Make the python-apt code more robust about incorrect results from waitChild()
 * Fix hang in update-manager (nasty bug that took ages to find) and python-apt
 * Fix hang in the KDE release upgrade, upload new version
 * Update-manager: look at perl upgrade problem (#387112)

==== compiz ====
 * Update compiz, plugins-main, plugins-extra from current git to PPA
 * Merge compiz, plugins-main sponsoring request (#414170) and upload to PPA

==== misc ====
 * Debug upgrade problem with asac (turns out to be #423127 - bug in paprefs)
 * Work on apturl bug (#422825)
 * Debug command-not-found failure (#420161) - turns out to be new behaviour in
 * Fix ftbfs in xapian-core (#422493)
 * Upload apturl with workaround for #422825
 * Review/commit language-selector change from arne (with comments)
 * Update app-install-data for alpha5
 * Add bzr.desktop metapkg to app-install-data
 * Fix incorrect battery-stats desktop file
 * Upload new python-apt
 * Upload new gdebi
 * Fix segfault in synaptic, merge fixes from the synaptic--main branch, upload
new version
 * Debug/fix crash in g-a-i when using a specific activation style
 * Uploaded zlib with fix for #402178)
 * Build list of differences between app-store spec <-> implementation for
relelase meeting
 * Synaptic i18n work (sv translation mail)
 * remove duplicated entries from the app-install-data
 * Look at build failure caused by zlib (in vips), create proposed patch, ask
for review by cjwatson and redo it properly (many thanks)
 * Forward zlib patch to upstream

==== sponsoring ====
 * Review/sponsor tomboy
 * Review/sponsor aptitude man-page fix

=== Mike Terry ===
==== MIR ====
 * Did my first MIR!  A baby one for dh-di (#425615).

==== Rsyslog ====
 * Am still stymied by Kees's rsyslog hang bug.

==== Ubiquity ====
 * Plugin branch got merged thanks to Evan's championing.
=== Muharem Hrnjadovic ===

=== Scott James Remnant ===
==== sysvinit ====

 * Merged against Debian, a lot of our changes got merged in so the diff is
increasingly smaller (yay)

 * Disabled insserv migration since that doesn't actually work with Ubuntu right
now (a few problems block it), and the Debian package is far too picky and
debconf-happy (debconf notice if you so much as have removed-but-not-purged
packages on your system).

   insserv dep is still there, you just need to do:

     USEINSSERV=y dpkg-reconfigure sysv-rc

   to attempt the migration

 * Uploaded to _my_ PPA

==== Boot Performance ====

 * Still working through bugs in mountall; have tested arbitrarily complex
combinations of filesystems and now they all work.

 * Various minor tweaks to dh_installinit: Upstart's "start", "stop" and
"restart" don't behave quite like init scripts when it comes to exit codes;
"start" considers it an error if the job is already running while "stop" and
"restart" consider it an error if the job is not running.

 * Minor tweaks to startup jobs to actually include "on startup", so restarting
udev doesn't re-run udevtrigger and restarting rsyslog
   doesn't overwrite /var/log/dmesg

 * Adjusted sreadahead to start on startup, rather than on sysvinit compat startup

 * Stripped most of the boot-related initscripts from that package (based off
the merged version)

 * Deferred rcS until after the Upstart native boot is complete

 * initramfs-tools modified to allow hooks and scripts to be optional based on a
variable set in initramfs.conf or conf.d/*

 * Made framebuffer/kernelextras optional on USPLASH=y

 * Made usplash itself optional on USPLASH=y

 * Uploaded Upstart job for gdm to staging PPA

=== Steve Langasek ===

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