Strange behavior of Ubuntu 9.04 with gcc-4.3

Mackenzie Morgan macoafi at
Tue Sep 15 13:51:15 BST 2009

On Tuesday 15 September 2009 4:44:40 am Guillem Salas wrote:
> Hi!
> I don't know if I have to write to this list, but there is the problem:
> Last day I was working in some examples of C programming and I found
> an strange behavior of Ubuntu 9.04 with gcc-4.3 (default box).
> This little program reads from a file some records (year and name). In
> the first line there is the total amount of records that exists on the
> file.
> Next, it saves records corresponding to year 2000 in a file called
> Salida.txt and shows all the read records to stdout.
> When you run this C code on a Ubuntu 8.10 (with also gcc-4.3), it
> works OK. If you run it on a Windows Box, it runs OK. But if you run
> this code on Ubuntu 9.04, first record of the file, it shows you a
> strange character at the end of the name. It also saves this character
> on the Salida.txt file. It's nothing heavy, but it is very strange.

Can you file a bug with some example code and an input file so we can reproduce 

> If you don't understand my English, I can wrote in Spanish and show
> some screenshot of the error.

Your English is great :)

Mackenzie Morgan
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