Strange behavior of Ubuntu 9.04 with gcc-4.3

Guillem Salas guillemsalas at
Tue Sep 15 09:44:40 BST 2009

I don't know if I have to write to this list, but there is the problem:
Last day I was working in some examples of C programming and I found
an strange behavior of Ubuntu 9.04 with gcc-4.3 (default box).

This little program reads from a file some records (year and name). In
the first line there is the total amount of records that exists on the

Next, it saves records corresponding to year 2000 in a file called
Salida.txt and shows all the read records to stdout.

When you run this C code on a Ubuntu 8.10 (with also gcc-4.3), it
works OK. If you run it on a Windows Box, it runs OK. But if you run
this code on Ubuntu 9.04, first record of the file, it shows you a
strange character at the end of the name. It also saves this character
on the Salida.txt file. It's nothing heavy, but it is very strange.

If you don't understand my English, I can wrote in Spanish and show
some screenshot of the error.


Guillem Salas
guillemsalas at
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