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Here are the minutes of the meeting. They can also be found online with
the irc logs here:

==== Review ACTION points from previous meeting ====

 * kirkland to adapt VM recipe(s?) to use libvirt: in

ACTION: kirkland to finish adapting VM recipe(s?) to use

 * mathiaz to add test case for image store in testcases wiki: Done[1]
 * zul to write up server upgrade test case: Done[2]
 * nurmi to investigate bug 455625: TODO

ACTION: nurmi to investigate bug 455625

 * soren to complete demo virtual appliance: Published and tested, could
use some polish
 * mdz to chase down details on production image store: Running and tested
 * mathiaz to test UEC integration with production image store: Tested
and working OK


==== Karmic release last actions ====

Remaining RC bugs:
 * Bug:458850: on track to be included on release cloud images
 * Bug:458576: is safe to fix and would get rolled in the same respin

ISO testing and mentioning relevant bugs in the release notes should be
the focus of this week.

Release notes candidates are:
 * Bug:459101: Relay denied from eucalyptus registration emails
 * Bug:444352: DB deadlock on reboot prevents UEC from working, temporarily

kirkland will review the bug lists and mention anything else UEC-related
that I think is worth release-noting.

We should also help where we can the Foundations team in solving
Bug:457767 (iSCSI boot). It now seems related to kernel issue so wee
should update the documentation to reflect current support.

==== Lucid Lynx ====

mdz gathered requirements from Canonical stakeholders, with some more to
come. Items are expected in the same broad categories as 9.10: UEC, EC2,
appliances, enterprise deployment items. But we will aim to focus on
stabilization and negotiate our commitments with regard to that. Opening
the meeting to 10.04 suggestions, lots of ideas were discussed. A
wikipage was created to followup on those suggestions (and allow to
suggest more):

ACTION: ttx to create wiki page for 10.04 input from server team (Done)

==== Open discussion ====

kirkland mentioned that the new time slot for the meeting (Wednesdays at
1400 UTC) is difficult for him, so we might (again) change it. ttx asked
about how the triage days were going, and updated the knowledge base[3]
to make information about them more accessible. mdz asked about release
parties that the team plans to go to, as a great way to celebrate and
let the pressure go. mathiaz plans to get free beers all night.


==== Agree on next meeting date and time ====

Next meeting will be on Wednesday, November 4th at 14:00 UTC in

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