Assigning bugs to upstart

Scott James Remnant scott at
Wed Oct 14 15:09:04 BST 2009

Please don't use the "upstart" source package as a dumping ground for
boot-related bugs, or as a shortcut to subscribing me to a bug.

Just like in the old sysvinit, packages ship their own upstart
configurations in /etc/init.  If a service is failing to start, it is
most likely a bug in that service's configuration file not in the init
daemon itself.

So, if a particular service is failing to start, add a bug task for the
package the service comes in.  If you're not sure which that is, use
"dpkg -S" just as you would to figure out which package owns an init

Here's a couple of common ones:

 - device listed in /etc/fstab not mounting => mountall
   (this can prevent other services from starting)

 - network card not being brought up => ifupdown OR network-manager

 - GDM not starting => gdm


If you're unsure, please do feel free to subscribe me to the bug and ask
in the bug what you're unsure about.  I'll try to respond as quickly as
I can and advise about what the problem is.  Obviously I can't guarantee
to fix them all personally, but I can usually tell somebody what they
need to investigate.

If you do think there is genuinely a bug in the init daemon (and there
are plenty), a useful debugging step is to boot with the "--verbose"
kernel command-line argument.  This will log state changes of jobs and
suchlike, so you can see whether your job is actually getting started.

If your job isn't started, then you could have an init daemon issue, but
first make sure all the events it was waiting for have happened, etc.
If they haven't happened, grep /etc/init for the name of the event -
that'll tell you which service failed to emit it.

Scott James Remnant
scott at
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